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Get a fully customizable gift card selling page you can link to any kind of website or social media account.
The buyers of your gift cards will enjoy an easy purchase process and will be able to pay for their gift cards with credit cards, Paypal or SEPA.
The gift cards are sent right after the purchase either to the recipient or the buyers' e-mail account. The gift card can be opened digitally on all devices as well as a printable PDF version.
Accepting an atento gift card at your business is simple. simply scan the QR code on the digital or printed version of the gift-card and follow the easy steps untill you get a confirmation.
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Already have an Atento account? visit the account holders help page
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"Creating and managing our own gift card through Atento was a breeze, their simple interface and great support service addressed our every need. We have already sold hundreds of gift cards through the Atento gift card service, proving it to be both an invaluable sales channel and a delight to our customers. We'd recommend it to any local business looking for additional ways to engage with customers and boost their sales - especially in times like these."
- Brasserie Colette
Atento has made it its goal to support local businesses with online gifting services that enable customers to find and purchase gift cards through our easy-to-use platform. Partnering with Atento makes it simple for business owners to offer gift cards without the worry and hassle of managing the process themselves, allowing them to focus on their core activities.
During the COVID-19 lockdown period, Atento provided a lifeline to local businesses by selling over €2 million worth of gift cards on behalf of our merchants and guaranteeing a much-needed revenue stream for those impacted by the pandemic.
Buying a gift card from Atento allows you to contribute to your local economy, support your favorite small businesses and give a wonderful, unique gift to the people you love.
Atento is aiming to be the number one gift card provider for small and medium-sized businesses across Germany and is constantly growing our offer to provide new and exciting products for merchants and customers alike.
Through our constantly growing collaborations with external partners, business owners enjoy maximum visibility and outreach to clients by being listed with atento.